Swimming Pool Heater Dubai

Swimming Pool Heater Dubai


Interminability pools are so old fashioned, particularly on the off chance that you live and swim in Dubai, where they are very common. The emirate currently have its first “skimming” pool, which lies around 50 meters seaward, smack blast amidst the Arabian Gulf.

Available by means of a walkway through Breeze Beach Grill at Club Vista Mare on the Palm Jumeirah, the pool accompanies a wraparound skimming deck region, which houses sunbeds and seating for up to 75 individuals.

The freight boat is available to grown-ups just and can likewise be leased for private gatherings; and, let’s be honest, a dusk soiree here is certain to establish a long term connection with your visitors this winter.

The pool is 1.2 meters down, 20 meters in length and 10 meters wide, and is joined to the seabed utilizing the Seaflex stay framework. “This [pool] is exceptional on the grounds that it enables visitors to look over a new water plunge or salt-water swim in the Arabian Gulf, in one seaward area,” said Thorsten Ries, overseeing executive of Nakheel Hospitality and Leisure.

Day-time section to costs Dh200 per individual, of which Dh100 is redeemable on sustenance and beverages from Breeze Beach Grill.

Aquamarina is a piece of the extremely fruitful line of 47m territory from ISA. With inside styling by Cristiano Gatto and outside structure by Walter Franchini, she has a steel body with an aluminum superstructure and flaunting a wonderful metallic turquoise outside.

The outside space is noteworthy with eating and seating regions on the primary deck behind and the extension deck. Easily pleasing 12 visitors, Aquamarina highlights both a roomy ace suite with office on the fundamental deck and a similarly noteworthy VIP suite on her extension deck with unrivaled perspectives on the water. Travels at 14,5 bunches.

The Majesty 140 is a perfect work of art made by Gulf Craft’s own one of a kind Design Studio. Settlement on board the Gulf Craft Majesty 140 is for up to 12 visitors in five lodges, including a principle deck proprietor’s suite finished with a crease out gallery and an en-suite Jacuzzi bath. Key inside materials incorporate Italian cowhide, Onyx Costa Blanca marble and precious stone entryway handles.you can check here infomation about Swimming pool contractors in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and UAE.

The open-plan cantina on the principle deck incorporates a L-formed wrap of seating and an eating zone for up to ten visitors, while other key highlights incorporate a superyacht shoreline club and a skylounge that estimates 55 square meters. Magnificence 140 has a top speed of 20 hitches.

A large collection of mobile phones and radios in Vilkaviškis’ home

A large collection of mobile phones and radios in Vilkaviškis’ home


The team compared the prices of the same manufacturer, the same model equipment in different e-mails for this mobile phone pricing survey. in stores, and then in physical stores. In this comparison, the final price of the equipment that the buyer would have paid for the new installation on the day of the investigation was assessed without any additional obligations or contracts to the operator.

The study showed that e. stores vary significantly in price. The price of the same phone in different e. stores may vary from 1.4 to 59.9 percent at the same time. Here are some of the latest models that are widely advertised and are some of the latest. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F was the cheapest 64 GB day to buy for 599 euros, the most expensive – 809 euros, the price difference – 35.1 percent. The new Apple iPhone X 64 GB was the cheapest selling price of 1168 euros, the most expensive – 1199 euros (difference – 2.6 percent), and Huawei P10 Plus prices ranged from 599 to 849 euros (51.9 percent). ).

During the study, we recorded that e. in the shops, the lowest price differences are among the latest Apple phones, where prices from different vendors range from 1.4 to 7.1 percent, while the difference between older models is up to 30 percent. and more. Samsung’s phone prices are up to 39 percent, Nokia – up to 29.9 percent, Huawei – up to 51.9 percent.

When comparing phone prices in physical stores, we noticed that in many cases the seller of the same name keeps the same prices in the physical store and e. in the store. Buying with plans – much cheaper!

Research shows that the mobile phone is usually replaced every 2-3 years, and it is no coincidence that many mobile plans also last for 2 years. At the end of the old plan, not only a new plan is chosen, but also a new mobile phone, or the change of plan is determined by the desire to have a new mobile device. 

Mobile operators are making good use of this situation. By giving them a new plan with a new phone, they tie the user to their network. Statistics show that the market today is mainly for mobile operators selling new phones.

The survey data showed that new phones without a plan to major Lithuanian operators are among the most expensive.  analyzed how the price of the new phone changes when it is purchased with the operator’s mobile plan. As operators offer many different plans, we have selected the following parameters for comparison: unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and data downloads of at least 6 GB.

Phones with such a plan to some mobile phone operators are well on the way. For example, the same Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64 GB with the said plan in the Tele2 showroom recovers from € 809 to € 639 (21%), but without a plan you can buy for 599 euros, so another 40 euros cheaper. In Bit, Huawei P10 Plus is scheduled to run from 799 to 599 euros (25 percent), but at , the same phone costs 40 euros cheaper than the plan – 559 euros.

We’ll be delighted by the new Apple iPhone X 64 GB fans – the price of this device is practically the same so far, with or without a plan from any phone dealer in Lithuania. In Telia’s salons, we did not record any difference when buying a phone from the  study list with or without a plan, the prices were the same. For best services you can visit just goto mobilieji telefonai.

In the course of the survey, we found that other phone sellers, in order to compete with mobile operators, who can offer their customers a cheaper price when buying a plan, offer their gifts: gift vouchers, cards or accessories. In this way, buyers also save on the cost of a new phone at the box office and pay the full price.

Operators around the world are starting to block stolen phones

Operators around the world are starting to block stolen phones


People watching from the balcony of the apartment balcony, Mr. Juozas states that from the top it seems that most of the young and old mobile phones are hanging out. They also go through the street to lean into their telephone communication, even without looking around.

For many readers, asking drivers to lock their lounges and prevent passengers from using them will ask the drivers themselves to leave some room for the March work.

In the gardens, carry out sanitary pruning, because time is right. Well trim the young frosted fruit trees, cut the currant branches attacked by mites, and burn them. You can easily identify their places from the bulging buds. Get out the hazelnuts. Transfer to the heat and water the plants more often in the winter.

At the end of March, start germination of potatoes for early harvest. Tuber sprouts should be short and stiff. Only a lot of these can be expected from potato harvest. One layer of tuber is placed in each box. It is possible to add a layer of peat to the bottom of the box. Applying the tubers should make sure that their eyes are at the top.

The beans are not afraid of frost, so they can be planted as soon as the soil is requested. Early planted beans avoid aphid attacks.

Do not leave your garden without parsley this year. According to herbalist Juozas Vasiliauskas, all parts of this plant are useful because they have a lot of iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese. Parsley is suitable for lowering acidity of gastric juice, awakens appetite, improves digestion.

Parsley is suitable for dietary nutrition in liver and gall bladder diseases. They are rich in vitamin C and trace elements, suitable for prostate inflammation, help in the stomach when the menstrual cycle is broken. Parsley root is used to treat kidney colic. Parsley is not recommended for pregnant women.

If you have a mosquito, a bee or a beetle, biting the spot with fresh parsley reduces pain and itching.

Fresh parsley is compatible with fish dishes, soups, sauces, basil, dill and onion. It is suitable for decorating dishes, a more beautiful curly, although it has less vitamins than a flat sheet. Parsley can be dried, salted, frozen, used to produce herb butter. Parsley has a bactericidal effect, so their sponge is used to treat gums and to destroy unpleasant breath.

What kind of garden without radish? They are eaten only raw, the most valuable are uncut. According to physician phytotherapist J. Vasiliauskas, the sulfur compounds in radish root oil, which are very useful, stimulate gastric juice and biliary excretion, intensify microcirculation in the stomach and intestinal wall, thus better digesting food. Radish fiber regulates intestinal peristalsis, removes cholesterol from the body. Suitable for the prevention of atherosclerosis and gastritis.

Radid choline stimulates the body to produce phospholipids that protect the liver from fatty dystrophy. Ascorbic acid helps to produce glycogen, which improves liver function, radishes have a lot of potassium salts, they help to remove water and edible salt from the body. Suitable for cardiac rhythm and cardiac neurosis.

However, to always welcome these vegetables, consult a family doctor who will advise you more precisely.if you need more info just visit this site mobilieji telefonai.

And to raise the mood we will offer a joke sent by the reader.

The captain of the passenger ship had a parrot. The ship worked as a focalman who was entertaining the passengers. His parchments were so angry that she cried out at her performances: “He hid the card in the sleeve!” “The rabbit under the table!” Once there was a storm, the ship was drowned, only the fencer with parrot escaped. Floating both in the middle of the ocean on some log and silent. Silent hour, two… Parrot does not stand out: “Okay, well, I’m giving up… Say, where did you put the ship?

Quick conversion table

Quick conversion table


Average Weed MeasurementWeightIn Grams

1 eighth ounce3.5 grams

1 quarter ounce7 grams

1 50% ounce14 grams

3/4 ounce21 grams

1 ounce28 grams

1 pound16 ounces

1 kilogram1,000 grams

For what reason is it vital to perceive these numbers?

While these exact sums won’t make any difference a lot to the laid-back smoker, adjusting off eighths to 3.5 as opposed to 3.543 grams, or ounces to 28 rather than 28.349 grams, can make a major refinement for acquisitions of enormous or consistent amounts.

For a considerable length of time, little time merchants have done this by adjusting down only somewhat enough to ensure that the client does not see or mind. Factor divisions of a gram into the acquisitions of a few ounces, and furthermore you can see exactly the amount of a refinement adjusting can make.

Additionally in case you’re withdrawn to the parts of a decimal point, perceiving the straightforward numbers will surely enable you to get your money’s value and furthermore in any event take after you perceive what you’re doing when you purchase your own one of a kind item, regardless of whether legitimately or through a merchant.

Perceiving your numbers just as what sums look like can moreover help promise you are never misled out of item or took advantage of, allowing you to wind up much progressively sure in your buy!

Read more:-one pound equals how many ounces



With a range:

The best way to assess out your weed, without rivalry, is by using a range. Reaches can not simply consider your weed effectively anyway furthermore decide your item with a standout amongst the most precise exactness conceivable. For the most exact estimation of your weed, a range is certainly the best approach.


While getting a range, there are a couple of things to think about:


– 1. Just buy a range that is exact inside 0.1 grams for the most exact measurements. Never under any circumstance make utilization of a kitchen scale, which is a long way from explicit.


– 2. Endeavor to buy a range with at least a 200 gram limit with respect to the most use.


– 3. Online stores commonly utilize decreased expenses than physical shops, so you can monitor some cash to buy more herb down the line.


By utilizing a cell phone:


Generally new telephones have applications that give appropriately exact outcomes. Genuine scales are considerably more exact be that as it may, after all other options have been exhausted, applications like these can unquestionably be useful.


By building a plastic holder scale:


With this strategy, you will require a plastic holder, a long bit of string, a drill, a couple of scissors and a nickel. A nickel gauges five grams and goes about as a helpful stabilizer.


Here’s the way to make your DIY weed scale with the plastic holder strategy:


– 1. Remove the highest point of the plastic holder with the scissors, and afterward drill an opening in its focal point.


– 2. Drill an opening on the left and right of the plastic holder, utilizing the ruler to ensure that the gaps are equivalent separations from the center and separated from each other.


– 3. Cut two equivalent length pieces from the string and drape each on either side of the holder.


– 4. Cut another bit of string and tie it through the inside; this string will hold a weight.


– 5. Join the pieces to the side, hang the holder up and begin gauging your bud.


These are largely compelling approaches to quantify weed, regardless of what amount you’re expecting to gauge.




Remember that the scale on which you decide your amounts of weed depend on an ounce scale. That implies that a fourth of weed is a fourth of an ounce of weed, and an eighth of weed is an eighth of an ounce of weed.


All in all, what does every one of these estimations resemble?

SB Nation terminates writer for social media behavior in wake of domestic violence arrest

SB Nation terminates writer for social media behavior in wake of domestic violence arrest


A little solid challenge can be something worth being thankful for. Solid being the watchword. Regardless of whether that is presently occurring at FS1 is hard to decide subsequent to seeing the arrangement of occasions including Emmy victor Katie Nolan and Fox Sports Live co-have Dan O’Toole.

Nolan was at the focal point of a profile piece with the Sporting News and remarked that she needed to move her Garbage Time appear from one night seven days to each weeknight. Also, she might in a perfect world want to see it move from after 12 pm to 11 PM ET or 11:30 PM ET.

I think 11, 11:30 (p.m. ET) is my optimal time. Like a late-night appear — yet on a games arrange. I believe there’s a genuine open door for us to be the system that has that. What’s more, I would love to do it,” Nolan said amid a meeting at her generation studio in Manhattan. “I’d love to be four or five evenings every week, in a perfect world. What’s more, we’re moving in the direction of that.”

This isn’t the first occasion when that O’Toole has been straightforward or reproachful of his system or associates on Twitter. Amid Super Bowl week he ripped into the system for laying off the Fox Sports Live group and the absence of assets for the show contrasted with Fox’s computerized task. Around then, the program was put on break and brought back in its totally new (and diminished) position.

On the off chance that there is any genuine pressure (we should remember Onrait and O’Toole had a tongue-and-cheek contention with Mike Francesa when he was at Fox), it’s tragic on the grounds that Nolan and O’Toole/Onrait are basically the main crisp faces left of the first FS1 that tried to be a genuine option to ESPN. Presently FS1 is simply taking each ghastly and irritating thing about ESPN and intensifying it. In a perfect world, there’s no motivation behind why FS1 primetime can’t be sufficiently huge for the two shows, with Onrait/O’Toole on at 11 PM ET and Nolan on at 11:30 PM ET.

That is obviously until each hour of FS1 writing computer programs is taken over by Skip Bayless, Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, and Clay Travis. My Lord that is discouraging to compose.

There were some very irregular advancements in part of the games media Twitter scene this previous end of the week, with a SB Nation author’s ex blaming him for lying, taking and abusive behavior at home around a May 2016 capture, and he blaming her for untruths and burglary consequently. The essayist being referred to is low maintenance internet based life supervisor and blogger Jacob Price, who passed by @ohholybutt on Twitter, and as Lindsey Adler composed at Deadspin Wednesday, he’s presently been terminated:

SB Nation terminated low maintenance internet based life manager and blogger Jacob Price Wednesday after he went on a tweetstorm throughout the end of the week about a May 2016 capture for supposedly stifling his then-sweetheart. The charges against Price have since been dropped.

Value, who passes by @ohholybutt on Twitter, spent the better piece of last Saturday tweeting his variant of occasions, because of his ex’s tweets about the occurrence. They’ve both deactivated their Twitter accounts, with Price cutting his down today. We’re revealed to Price’s tweets were the first run through SB Nation found out about the capture.You can read more lk21 about for more info.

In one tweet, Price’s ex guaranteed he “bound me with my own arm against my throat.” Price was captured May 21 in Indianapolis and hung on various tallies, including battery, strangulation, opposing capture, meddling with announcing of a wrongdoing, and remorselessness to a creature.

The Skin You’re In An Introduction

The Skin You’re In An Introduction


With the constant stream of terrible news from the press, wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand a few victories to get a shift? Every single day, biomedical research is advancing our comprehension of health and disorder and enhancing our capacity to rapidly and accurately diagnose and cure a broad assortment of health conditions. The field of dermatology supplies a perfect illustration of this advancement in most facet; it is a model for discussing many advances in mathematics, medicine, and technology, and also shows how they’re improving our own lives.

Wake Up to Smoother, Glowier Skin

If you are diligent about reading the ingredients label of skin care goods, like I’m, you may be repulsed by the idea of snail infusion near the surface of the list. However, this mucinous fluid, that is often seen in Asian skincare goods is full of glycoproteins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, ellagic acid, and nutritional supplements — every one which helps maintain the skin smooth and also protect against early symptoms of aging. Mizon all in one Snail Repair Cream can be  excellent way to begin my ANTI AGING plan.

The Natural Nail Polish That Builds At-Home Manicures Easier

Gloss Naturals Nail Lacquer continues smoothly — no more stripes! — also dries exceptionally fast. The bright color comes with a sheen which looks classy and may be the ideal transition color in summer to fall. I used it without a base coat along with also the gloss lasted roughly four days before starting to the processor. What and can a girl require of her nail polish? As someone who’s been doing almost 200 at home blow-outs before five years (yes, so I did the math), I could say I know my way around a blowdryer.

Your Secret Weapon for Treating Chicken Skin

Even though the season is my summer, I usually despise wearing t-shirts because I’ve keratosis pilaris — a state which causes awkward pink bumps on the backs of my upper torso. When using it for the very first time, my wrists felt much smoother (my boyfriend noticed how tender these indeed were!).

The Secret to Achieving Sky-High Hair

The 1 product from Kérastase which I can’t live with no Mousse Bouffante. Yes mouse — also clear away that image of Bon Jovi in the own mind! I must state when I heard that foam and mousse were building a comeback, so I looked at inflexible, thin hair.

The moisturizing components moisturize my hair without weighing it down, letting me put it on curly. And the rice jelly and also argan oil at the formula smooth and soften dry, brittle ends. To utilize, I leave the mask for approximately ten minutes, then wash, going only a little about the endings of my hair for additional hydration. The product from Kérastase which I can’t live with no Mousse Bouffante. Yes, mouse — also clear away that image of Bon Jovi in the own mind! I must state when I heard that foam and mousse were building a comeback,Andro Testo Pro uk, ” I looked at inflexible, thin hair. However, this mousse can be a brand new and different creation.

After having a golfball sized blob, brushes may still slide smoothly through the hair, making it effortless to blowdry. I especially adore the main benefit of this UV and vitamin-e filter, and it is important for me to the West Coast due to the intense sun rays. And permanently reason bright sky long strands look UNREAL (only have a scroll through Kim Kardashian’s Insta for proof), also you’d be lying to yourself if you said didn’t wish to copy it.

KISS Gets Animated with Scooby-Doo in ‘Rock and Roll Mystery

KISS Gets Animated with Scooby-Doo in ‘Rock and Roll Mystery

In these days’s worldwide technology one aspect that is commonplace with anybody is that we all have strain. Pressure can give you complications, make you turn out to be lazy, or quick-tempered this stuff are sufficient to affect your relationships, operating ability and health as nicely. So it’s far very critical to attend to your stress earlier than it will overpower you.

To fight pressure people play video games however the overdose of that could result in abnormal psychological conduct. There are secure options in addition to you could do yoga, meditation, concentrate to peaceful track, watch Gogoanime as it is most handy, pleasing, easy to get admission to and unfastened.

What’s Gogoanime?Gogoanime is a website which proved iimself as a extraordinary platform wherein you could watch lots of animation collection in high Definition layout actually unfastened. Additionally they have a famous animation series. Which is named after site, In different words, gogoanime is a famous animation streaming provider which uses fictional characters and environment to carry out their fictional tale predominant motive of these series is to make you entertain.

It’s miles eastern with the aid of beginning looking that quickly changes your mood and helps you to transfer your attitude from a disturbing surroundings. Enticing testimonies assist you to entertain and expand your imagination. Some of the testimonies come up with a life teaching as well or a wide imaginative and prescient to recognize your issues within the courting.People who watch gogoanime selectively are confident sufficient to locate alternative methods in complex situations.

Gogoanime also facilitates to expand wholesome habits via precious recommendations to devour and stay healthy to become match. Transferring forward let’s discuss why gogoanime is so famous?Why absolutely everyone is crazy approximately Gogoanime?A completely first query for your thoughts is why each person is crazy about gogoanime. There are numerous factors like attractive tales, lovable characters, use of special effects and lots of more numerous episodes are based totally on unfashionable photograph novels looking them alive that you as soon as study and imagined is absolutely everyone’s myth.

When you watch gogoanime aside from entertainment you furthermore mght research social messages and a playful view on daily troubles of lifestyles. All people can watch gogoanime regardless of their age, sex, pursuits, region etc gogoanime comes with a familiar method and acceptance.

A extensive variety of characters and fairytale environment make it stand apart from different entertainment mediums some of them are as follows.Leisure MediumsNumerous Characters -Gogoanime collection uses a huge variety of characters to depict their tale you may easily find a adorable individual which he loves mostNostalgia – Many people in society feel nostalgic as they study and watched comic books and animation suggests even as their faculty days.

Also, gogoanime is a complicated layout of retro comedian e book and cool animated film indicates this USP lead them to stand alive among the opposite codecs of amusementUnconventional concept – Gogoanime makes use of an expansion of recent concepts which enables viewers like you to broaden a wholesome habit with entertaining visualsEveryday variants –

several sequels and prequels of gogoanime is launched until the date continuity of testimonies with upload on characters to refresh the concept becomes cherry at the cakeEase of use – you don’t need any greater placing or tool to watch gogoanime you could effortlessly watch it with the aid of logging at the internet site and you are all set additionally you will download episodes and watch in a while or with out a net Alternatives – wide collection of animation are to be had at the internet site you may without difficulty choose,you can visit this site for more knowledge kiss cartoon.

the choice offers customers freedom to look at which allows it to order its space in all people’s heartOther than this one must understand that watching is an ordinary activity completed by way of each human additionally considered as a manner via which someone feels comfy colourful colorings utilized in gogoanime soothes thoughts allow’s talk salient functions of gogoanime.

Activity in the second round of mayors elections was 24.56 percent

Activity in the second round of mayors elections was 24.56 percent


24.56 percent voted in the second round of mayors’ elections. The electoral data published by the Central Electoral Commission on Sunday afternoon shows voters, that is, just over four years ago.

According to the commission, 24.56 percent voted on election day until 15.00. voters, another 6.31 percent voted in advance.

In 2015, during the second round of mayors’ elections, 25.40 percent of votes were cast at that time. voters.

In major cities, people have traditionally voted less actively.

26.02% voted in Vilnius, 22.26% in Klaipėda, 22.39% in Panevezys. voters.

The least voters have so far voted in Panevėžys district – 16.40 percent.

Šilutė district is the most active in Klaipeda county – 22.79% Skuodas district – 22.37% Kretinga district – 21.57% Klaipeda district – passive – 18.19%

Voting in polling stations on Sunday will take place until 20:00.

The second round of elections takes place in 41 municipalities. 19 cities and districts mayors were elected in the first round two weeks ago, and municipal council members were also elected.

Until the end of the vote, there is a ban on agitation not only in the ongoing municipal elections, but also in the upcoming presidential and referendum elections.

More than twenty MEPs called for European Union (EU) sanctions to be imposed on Vladimir Romanov, the former owner of Ūkio bankas, for suspicions of money laundering.

In this way, politicians responded to a journalistic investigation about suspicious transfers from Ūkio bankas to the Russian investment bank Troika Dialog. Journalists say the money laundering scheme was in place for the years 2006-2013.

“We think we need to take urgent action against private individuals in this case, such as Ruben Vardanian, head of Troika Dialog, and Vladimir Romanov, former manager of Ūkio bankas, who has now collapsed, escaped from Lithuania in 2013 and now lives in Russia. , and secured a shelter there, ”wrote a letter to the President of the European Commission published this week.

“We urge the Commission to start all the necessary procedures without delay in order to have EU sanctions imposed on those who are in the Troika Laundromat case”, MEPs say.

Journalists from 18 countries conducted journalistic research. The banking data 15min.lt and the research journalism center OCCRP received the lost banking data.

MEPs say that this case confirms the EU’s vulnerability and unpreparedness in the fight against financial fraud and money laundering.

They called for an EU-wide anti-money laundering supervisory authority to be set up as soon as possible and for support to Lithuanian and foreign officials carrying out investigations.

The letter was signed by 22 MEPs from 14 countries. Petras Auštrevičius, the initiator of the letter, said that money laundering is a threat to the European political and financial system.

Money laundering in Europe, and especially from Russia, has taken on an unprecedented scale, so we have to react,” Austrevic said on Friday.

In Cuba forget what you are, what is reality and what is a dream

In Cuba forget what you are, what is reality and what is a dream


Santa Clara and Trinidad

We continued our journey to the east of Cuba. Along the way, we visited the town of Santa Clara, where Che was buried.

Santa Clara is a bit different from Cuba. There are several universities in this city, so the streets are full of students, there are a number of bars and clubs – life is crowded at night.

There are not many attractions in this city, so spend one or two days here. After Santa Clara we went to Trinidad.

Trinidad is a small, cozy town with colorful buildings and red roofs. The city panorama is very different from the rest of Cuba. Small one-story or two-storey buildings seem to climb on top of each other.

Looking down from the viewing tower, you can see the confusing labyrinths of roofs and narrow pedestrian streets. The town is neat but very tourist. Shops and cafés also offer tourist prices.

Playa Ancon is a white sand and blue water beach about 5 km from the town center, which is definitely worth a visit. In the months of January to February, it is recommended to visit the beaches on the southern side of Cuba, as the north is usually very windy and cloudy.

We spent a few days at Playa Ancon for diving, sunbathing and resting from one place to another.

We dive in the dive center in Playa Larga. The underwater world was poor, and it seemed that the fish and all the other seamen were on vacation. Well, it is always fun to make fun, even if you don’t meet underwater.

Playa Ancon was our farthest point, and we moved back from there. As we tried to stay at least two or three nights in every new place to get to know nature and the towns, it seemed like two weeks in Cuba. In a hurry and with the car it is possible, only, I think, how much trouble.

After several days of laziness, we moved to Playa Ancon, where diving was also planned. Playa Larga to Playa Ancon can be reached in two ways: motorway or seafront.

Of course, we chose a seaside road that led through the wonderful Cuban nature, towns and hills.

We stopped swimming in the Grand Vegas waterfall (we need to sweat well to get it to sleep and take a swim in the fresh water of the waterfall, but it’s really worth it) and we came to Playa Ancon in the evening.

Playa Ancon is a very small village where, in addition to diving and scuba diving, there is little to do (well, there is a crocodile farm that we haven’t visited).

The small beach of Playa Ancon was very cozy, especially in the evenings, where the beachfront dining tables, chairs and barbecues. The only thing to take care of before going to Playa Ancon is accommodation.

On the beach, right on the sand, there are dozens of “casa particulars”, but all of them were busy, so we had to live in the second row from the sea. And so wanted a delicious breakfast right on the sand! Drinks at Playa Ancon were a bit more interesting than Playa Larga.

And diving instructors, equipment, and service were at a higher level because the Playa Larga diving center is private and not public.

Especially enjoyed night diving!

There are two days left for us to return to Havana and move back to Varadero. He stayed away (everyone said that he needed it) because we decided to spend the last nights and days in Havana, which seems to be getting poor because it is every day different, more and more interesting.

Knowing myself, I know three days in one place – and I’m getting bored, but not in Havana! This city can be boldly given 3-5 days. Just stroll, get lost, sit in the parks, listen to music, smile, drink the rum and just forget everything.

That’s what we did last night, just a little bit of rain for us. That’s not the way to get to the very same latin music club 1830, which is in the open air … It doesn’t work in the rain, but it is a sign that it will be back!

Cuba made an unforgettable impression compared to other countries visited. I think that after 7-10 years Cuba will change and become similar to other tourist countries.

On the one hand, it is very fun to travel on time when you know that you are always returning to your modern world in Europe, on the other hand, it is a pity for the people living there who do not imagine how the rest of the world lives and how it lives.