Operators around the world are starting to block stolen phones


People watching from the balcony of the apartment balcony, Mr. Juozas states that from the top it seems that most of the young and old mobile phones are hanging out. They also go through the street to lean into their telephone communication, even without looking around.

For many readers, asking drivers to lock their lounges and prevent passengers from using them will ask the drivers themselves to leave some room for the March work.

In the gardens, carry out sanitary pruning, because time is right. Well trim the young frosted fruit trees, cut the currant branches attacked by mites, and burn them. You can easily identify their places from the bulging buds. Get out the hazelnuts. Transfer to the heat and water the plants more often in the winter.

At the end of March, start germination of potatoes for early harvest. Tuber sprouts should be short and stiff. Only a lot of these can be expected from potato harvest. One layer of tuber is placed in each box. It is possible to add a layer of peat to the bottom of the box. Applying the tubers should make sure that their eyes are at the top.

The beans are not afraid of frost, so they can be planted as soon as the soil is requested. Early planted beans avoid aphid attacks.

Do not leave your garden without parsley this year. According to herbalist Juozas Vasiliauskas, all parts of this plant are useful because they have a lot of iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese. Parsley is suitable for lowering acidity of gastric juice, awakens appetite, improves digestion.

Parsley is suitable for dietary nutrition in liver and gall bladder diseases. They are rich in vitamin C and trace elements, suitable for prostate inflammation, help in the stomach when the menstrual cycle is broken. Parsley root is used to treat kidney colic. Parsley is not recommended for pregnant women.

If you have a mosquito, a bee or a beetle, biting the spot with fresh parsley reduces pain and itching.

Fresh parsley is compatible with fish dishes, soups, sauces, basil, dill and onion. It is suitable for decorating dishes, a more beautiful curly, although it has less vitamins than a flat sheet. Parsley can be dried, salted, frozen, used to produce herb butter. Parsley has a bactericidal effect, so their sponge is used to treat gums and to destroy unpleasant breath.

What kind of garden without radish? They are eaten only raw, the most valuable are uncut. According to physician phytotherapist J. Vasiliauskas, the sulfur compounds in radish root oil, which are very useful, stimulate gastric juice and biliary excretion, intensify microcirculation in the stomach and intestinal wall, thus better digesting food. Radish fiber regulates intestinal peristalsis, removes cholesterol from the body. Suitable for the prevention of atherosclerosis and gastritis.

Radid choline stimulates the body to produce phospholipids that protect the liver from fatty dystrophy. Ascorbic acid helps to produce glycogen, which improves liver function, radishes have a lot of potassium salts, they help to remove water and edible salt from the body. Suitable for cardiac rhythm and cardiac neurosis.

However, to always welcome these vegetables, consult a family doctor who will advise you more precisely.if you need more info just visit this site mobilieji telefonai.

And to raise the mood we will offer a joke sent by the reader.

The captain of the passenger ship had a parrot. The ship worked as a focalman who was entertaining the passengers. His parchments were so angry that she cried out at her performances: “He hid the card in the sleeve!” “The rabbit under the table!” Once there was a storm, the ship was drowned, only the fencer with parrot escaped. Floating both in the middle of the ocean on some log and silent. Silent hour, two… Parrot does not stand out: “Okay, well, I’m giving up… Say, where did you put the ship?

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