Five Major South Korean Entertainment Companies Lose Nearly 18% of Their

A week ago, numerous sex misuse embarrassments shook the Korean music industry. It additionally disassembled a few surely understood K-pop gatherings.

In the first place, Seungri – named the “Incomparable Gatsby of Korea” and the most youthful individual from K-pop gathering Big Bang – reported his sudden retirement. The move came after specialists accused the well-to-do vocalist of providing whores and cocaine to remote speculators at dance club in Seoul’s Gangnam locale.

Multi day later, Makeus Entertainment, another ability organization, freely dropped Jung Joon-youthful. The 30-year-old artist and TV big name taped sex recordings with at any rate 10 ladies without their assent. He at that point imparted the mystery chronicles to different performers – including Seungri – on chatrooms.

Makeus promptly ended his agreement. Jung is additionally over and over banned from leaving the nation. He stays under scrutiny by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for sex misuse violations, including sexual pay off.

Choi Jong-hun, another K-Pop star and individual from shake bunch FT Island, supposedly took an interest in the visit. In the discussions, he itemized a formerly undisclosed alcoholic driving episode three years prior.

The confirmation incited the gathering’s office, FNC Entertainment, to drop Choi, driving him into retirement.Soon after, Yong Jun-hyung, another K-pop star from kid band Highlight, confessed to accepting and review Jung’s recordings.

Presently, the outrages are pulverizing the more extensive Korean music industry, at any rate in the nearby stock market.G Entertainment, which oversees Big Bang and Seungri, has seen its offers fall 24.8% since February 25th. On that day, police scrutinized the youthful K-pop vocalist about medication use and prostitution. Recently, shares shut down at 36,150 KRW ($31.99), down 1% from Monday.

What’s more, the country’s five noteworthy amusement organizations – YG, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment – lost 17.5% in incentive from February 25th to March fifteenth. Their consolidated market esteem tumbled from 3.35 trillion KRW ($3 billion) to 2.76 trillion KRW ($2.4 billion).you can check here infomation about 파워볼사이트.

Separating SM, Cube, and FNC’s stock esteem misfortunes, every one of the three announced over 20% decays during this period. FNC alone observed its offer value fall 11.1% on March eleventh, the day Choi reported his retirement.

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