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The team compared the prices of the same manufacturer, the same model equipment in different e-mails for this mobile phone pricing survey. in stores, and then in physical stores. In this comparison, the final price of the equipment that the buyer would have paid for the new installation on the day of the investigation was assessed without any additional obligations or contracts to the operator.

The study showed that e. stores vary significantly in price. The price of the same phone in different e. stores may vary from 1.4 to 59.9 percent at the same time. Here are some of the latest models that are widely advertised and are some of the latest. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F was the cheapest 64 GB day to buy for 599 euros, the most expensive – 809 euros, the price difference – 35.1 percent. The new Apple iPhone X 64 GB was the cheapest selling price of 1168 euros, the most expensive – 1199 euros (difference – 2.6 percent), and Huawei P10 Plus prices ranged from 599 to 849 euros (51.9 percent). ).

During the study, we recorded that e. in the shops, the lowest price differences are among the latest Apple phones, where prices from different vendors range from 1.4 to 7.1 percent, while the difference between older models is up to 30 percent. and more. Samsung’s phone prices are up to 39 percent, Nokia – up to 29.9 percent, Huawei – up to 51.9 percent.

When comparing phone prices in physical stores, we noticed that in many cases the seller of the same name keeps the same prices in the physical store and e. in the store. Buying with plans – much cheaper!

Research shows that the mobile phone is usually replaced every 2-3 years, and it is no coincidence that many mobile plans also last for 2 years. At the end of the old plan, not only a new plan is chosen, but also a new mobile phone, or the change of plan is determined by the desire to have a new mobile device. 

Mobile operators are making good use of this situation. By giving them a new plan with a new phone, they tie the user to their network. Statistics show that the market today is mainly for mobile operators selling new phones.

The survey data showed that new phones without a plan to major Lithuanian operators are among the most expensive.  analyzed how the price of the new phone changes when it is purchased with the operator’s mobile plan. As operators offer many different plans, we have selected the following parameters for comparison: unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and data downloads of at least 6 GB.

Phones with such a plan to some mobile phone operators are well on the way. For example, the same Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64 GB with the said plan in the Tele2 showroom recovers from € 809 to € 639 (21%), but without a plan you can buy for 599 euros, so another 40 euros cheaper. In Bit, Huawei P10 Plus is scheduled to run from 799 to 599 euros (25 percent), but at , the same phone costs 40 euros cheaper than the plan – 559 euros.

We’ll be delighted by the new Apple iPhone X 64 GB fans – the price of this device is practically the same so far, with or without a plan from any phone dealer in Lithuania. In Telia’s salons, we did not record any difference when buying a phone from the  study list with or without a plan, the prices were the same. For best services you can visit just goto mobilieji telefonai.

In the course of the survey, we found that other phone sellers, in order to compete with mobile operators, who can offer their customers a cheaper price when buying a plan, offer their gifts: gift vouchers, cards or accessories. In this way, buyers also save on the cost of a new phone at the box office and pay the full price.

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